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Hardware details of the PA-RISC platform are in the hardware section; computers lists individual PA-RISC and IA64 computer systems (that can also be directly accessed via shortcuts) with PA-RISC operating systems detailed in software.

New OpenPA Print Edition release (2.4)

By Paul Weissmann on 23 September 2012

A new release of the print edition has been released after three years. It includes all the updates and changes from the online version between 2009 and 2012, and some new content. Main updates are reworked chipset/bus/system design pages, HP-UX version 11 compatibility, and many small changes and corrections throughout.

Download: Second Edition 2.4, .pdf, 1.3 MB, 386 pages).

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PDF iconDownload the OpenPA Print Version, Second Edition (2.4) (.pdf, 1.3 MB, 386 pages)
Includes all content from the Summer 2012 online version.
For other releases refer to the Print version page.

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