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OpenPA is a resource for HP PA-RISC and IA64 (Itanium) computers with technical descriptions. This site is independent of and does not represent The Hewlett Packard Company in any way.

Hardware details of the PA-RISC platform are in the hardware section; computers lists individual PA-RISC and IA64 computer systems with PA-RISC operating systems detailed in software.

OpenPA 2015-2016 Site Maintenance

By Paul Weissmann on 21 January 2016

Many parts of the OpenPA site were updated, revised and cleaned up between the end of 2015 and January 2016, after a long hiatus. There had been no overt updates for years, but some effort was taken recently to bring parts of the content to a current state again and smoothen various rough edges.

New OpenPA Print Edition release (2.5)

By Paul Weissmann on 14 January 2016

A new release of the print edition has been released after more than three years. It includes all the updates and changes from the online version between 2012 and 2016, and some new content. Main updates are PA-RISC system architecture, PA-RISC timeline and prices and wording and spelling corrections with several sections rewritten.

Download: Second Edition 2.5, (PDF, 1.3 MB, 375 pages, 2016)

PA-RISC Timeline added

By Paul Weissmann on 12 January 2016

A new page with timelines on PA-RISC systems has been added to the site, to detail some of the history and historic data of the systems covered here. The page includes content that had both been scattered throughout the site and collected here and there, and has now been combined into the PA-RISC Timeline page.

  • Hardware Timeline (1982-2014): Release years of PA-RISC processors and computer systems as a rough guideline for PA-RISC history.
  • Operating Systems Timeline (1988-2014): Release years of significant PA-RISC operating system, with the probable first release of a specific operating system version noted by year.
  • Historic Prices: Collection of the historic prices of PA-RISC computers, around the date of introduction. These are indicative entry prices at system release for entry-level configurations which have been collected over the years from a variety of sources (press releases, articles, journals).

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PDF iconDownload the OpenPA Print Version, Second Edition (2.5) (PDF, 1.3 MB, 375 pages, 2016)
Includes all content from the Winter 2015/2016 online version.
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