PA-RISC Processors

PA-8700 (PCX-W2)


The PA-8700 is an enhanced PA-8500 core with several modifications, released in August 2001. As with all PA-8x00 processors the logic core of the PA-8700 is still very close to the original PA-8000 core from 1997. All subsequent PA-RISC processors from HP were based on this basic PA-RISC version 2.0 design while adding features and slight modification. The PA-8700 significally enhanced the on-chip L1 caches and TLB while switching to a new manufactoring process helped increasing the clock speed. The PA-8700 was at its time one of the largest available commercial processors and one of the first manufactured in a SOI (Silicon On Insulator) process. After the Intel-fabbed PA-8500 and PA-8600 , the PA-8700 was produced in IBM’s fabs after HP gave up its own in the 1990s.


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