PA-RISC Processors

PA-8800 (Mako)


The dual-core PA-8800 Mako, introduced in 2004, consists of two seperate PA-8700 cores on a single die with very large off-die L2 caches on the processor module. The clock speed was only increased slightly, while the processor bus interface was redesigned to use the HP/Intel Itanium/McKinley bus. Mako was supposed to breathe fresh life in the PA-RISC line, though it had strong internal competition from the Itanium line, based on HP development together with Intel, and was not marketed much. Most systems supporting PA-8800s use the HP zx1 chipset and could be hardware-upgraded to use Itanium 2/IA64 processors.


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HP’s Mako Processor (PDF, 1.4 MB)
David J. C. Johnson (2001: Microprocessor Forum).

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