PA-RISC Processors



The PA-8900 is a slightly tweaked PA-8800 processor with a doubled L2 cache and higher clock frequency, released in 2005 only one year after the PA-8800. It is probably the last processor of the PA-RISC family, with all future systems will being based on Itanium-family chips. After HP dropped its line of Itanium workstations the PA-8900-powered C8000 were one of the last HP-UX workstations.

Information on the PA-8900 is limited, with apparently not much interest in releasing details on its architecture.


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Overview of the HP 9000 rp3410-2, rp3440-4, rp4410-4, and rp4440-8 Servers (PDF, 700 KB)
Hewlett-Packard (2005).

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