HP 9000/T500, T520, T600 & 890

Quick Facts
Introduced 1993, 93, 95, 97
CPU 1-4 PA-7000
1-12 PA-7100
1-14 PA-7150
1-12 PA-8000
60-180 MHz
Caches 2-4 MB L1
(8 MB L2)
RAM 2-3.75 GB
Design Viper
Drives external
Expansion VSC
Bandwidth CPU 240 MB/s per CPU
890 sys: 240 MB/s
T5x0 sys: 480 MB/s
T600: 960 MB/s
I/O: ≤240 MB/s


The T-Class servers are large 32-bit PA-RISC mainframes from the mid-1990s, built with modular system cards that contain processors, memory or I/O devices. The main system backplane features sixteen (16) slots, of which eight can be used for memory or processor boards, and the other eight for I/O boards and converters. These boards plug into the main system VSC bus at 60 MHz.

The HP 9000/890 was an early iteration of the architecture, with the later T500/T600 being updated sucessors. After the 64-bit T600 the basic system design of the T-Class was discontinued in favor of the more flexible SuperDome systems.

Model numbers and introductions dates:

System Model number Introduced Price
890 HP 9000/890 1992
T500 HP 9000/891 1993/1994 $165,000 uni
$660,000 12-way
T520 HP 9000/892 1995 $145,000 uni
$520,000 14-way
T600 HP 9000/893 1997



  1. Not quite sure if this is really a PA-7000, the documenation is not explicit about it
  2. The off-chip caches of all CPUs are quite large — especially on the 890 server
  3. The T600 was apparently the only system with a PA-8000 processor with L2 cache (an L2 cache possibility was not even mentioned on the PA-8000 documentation)

Processor cards

The processor cards attach the processors and support chips to the main system bus via slots for processors, memory and I/O cards.

The 890 and the T-Class have slighly different architectures:


The chip configuration looks like a PCX processor (the CMUX and FP chips), the other parameters contradict this however (main memory, clock speed, bus interfaces).

T500, T520 and T600


The chipsets depend on the plug-in I/O cards.





External connectors




Operating systems

The 890 servers support only HP-UX:

The T-Class also only support HP-UX:


Model SPEC92, int SPEC92, fp SPEC95, int SPEC95, fp SPEC95
rate, int
rate, fp
T520 5.2 1-CPU: 47.2
2-CPU: 93.8
4-CPU: 186
8-CPU: 363
12-CPU: 531
T600 11.8 14.9 1-CPU: 106
2-CPU: 211
4-CPU: 418
6-CPU: 617
8-CPU: 814
10-CPU: 1003
12-CPU: 1192
1-CPU: 134
2-CPU: 263
4-CPU: 510
6-CPU: 735
8-CPU: 915
10-CPU: 1043
12-CPU: 1151

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Physical dimensions

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