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PA-RISC Hardware

The computers covered by this site are based on HP PA-RISC architecture and processors from the 1980s to 2000s. Most of the chipsets and system designs used were custom HP for its PA-RISC servers and workstations.

The following PA-RISC components are covered with individual articles:

Four phases of PA-RISC architecture can be seen in PA-RISC computers by HP:

PA-RISC hardware period table
Period Processors Design Chips
I Infancy: Early Architecture
TS-1, NS-1, NS-2, PCX Early SIU/SPI, CTB
II Growth: 32-bit 1990s
PA-7000, PA-7100 ASP/Viper Viper. ASP
III Maturity: The heydays
PA-7100LC, PA-7300LC LASI MIOC, LASI, Wax, Dino
PA-7200, PA-8000, PA-8200 U2/UTurn MMC/SMC, U2, UTurn,
LASI, Wax, Dino, Cujo
PA-8500, PA-8600, PA-8700 Astro Astro, Elroy
Stretch DEW, Prelude, IKE, Elroy
IV Decline: 64-bit to Itanium
PA-8700, PA-8800 PA-8900 Cell CC, XBC, SBA, Elroy
PA-8800 PA-8900, Itanium 2 zx1 Pluto, Mercury

The overall HP PA-RISC and HP 9000 story is covered in a separate PA-RISC history page, as are the PA-RISC release dates and prices on the PA-RISC timeline.

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Old content

Several pages with older, unmaintained PA-RISC content are kept on this site for archival reasons, listed in Archived PA-RISC pages.

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