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PA-7000 (PCX-S) processor


The PA-7000, or PCX-S, was a 32-bit processor with PA-RISC 1.1 architecture, introduced in 1991. It had a MMU for virtual memory management. It was first used in the HP 9000 700 series workstations and later in some of the HP 9000 800 Nova servers. The PA-7000 was a multi-chip implementation fabricated in HP’s own CMOS26B process with an external FPU.

After previous PA-RISC 1.0 processors from the 1980s were mostly geared towards (expensive) transaction processing and multi-user environments, the PA-7000 was designed to extend PA-RISC down to low cost desktop workstation systems. The PA-7000 design process facilitated use of existing technologies, first extension to the PA-RISC architecture and a collaboration with an external silicon vendor (Texas Instruments) for the FPU.

Graphics requirements were integrated into the design process of the PA-7000 processor, memory and system buses.


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