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PA-7200 (PCX-T') processor


The PA-7200 completely revised the PA-7100 processor core, leveraging only the FPU in its release in early 1995. Being a two-way superscalar processor, the PA-7200 can dispatch and execute two separate instructions at a time to its functional units. In contrast to the PA-7100 it has two separate integer ALUs and thus can execute two ALU integer operations simultaneously. Other changes include a redesigned cache architecture — while retaining the general cache layout with large off-chip L1 caches at CPU clock speed — and use of the Runway processor bus, carried on to later PA-8x00 processors. The PA-7200 was targeted towards high-performance general-purpose applications, but also on specialized applications with large working sets which could take advantage of the high-bandwidth bus interface.


Used in


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