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PA-8700 (PCX-W2) processor


The PA-8700 processor is an 64-bit HP PA-RISC processor from HP, released in 2001 building on an enhanced PA-8500 core with several modifications. As with other PA-8x00 processors, the logic core is close to the original PA-8000 from 1997. The PA-8700 used significant larger on-chip L1 caches and TLB while switching to a new manufacturing process at IBM helped increase the clock speed to 750-875 MHz.

At its time of the early 2000s, the PA-8700 was one of the largest commercial processors shipping and one of the first manufactured in Silicon on Insulator (SoI). The PA-8700 is superscalar (4-way) and multi-processor (SMP) capable.

HP PA-8700 was followed by the dual-core PA-8800 processor, (almost) the end of the line for PA-RISC in 2004.


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