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HP 9000/742i, 742rt VME Workstation

Quick Facts
Introduced 1992
Period Growth (II)
Series 740 VME
CPU 1 PA-7100
50 MHz
Caches 128 KB L1
Design ASP
Drives none
Expansion none
Bandwidth ?
I/O 10E
2 serial

The HP 9000/742i are VME-based PA-RISC single-board computers (SBCs) based on HP 9000 715/50 workstations, released in 1992 by HP for instrumentation and measurement applications. The 742i computing logic is integrated onto a single VME board with few expansion options, SCSI is routed through the VME-P2 connector at the back of the board. Since the 742 features a VME controller, it can talk to other VME devices on the same VME bus (in VME cages) and control them.

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The HP 742rt version of these VME computers was designed for the HP-RT realtime operating system but otherwise technically very close. The 745i and 747i VME computers in turn were based on very similar hardware to the 742i, but integrated into rugged VME cases with specific I/O options.

Model Introduced Price
742i 1992 $8,000
742rt 1992

HP 74x VME products were discontinued in 2002 as customers have migrated to new solutions and platforms more rapidly than anticipated with end of support between 2003 and 2007.

System architecture


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache
742i PA-7100 50 MHz 128 KB off-chip
742rt PA-7100 50 MHz 128 KB off-chip


System buses


Expansion slots

External ports

Operating systems


Model SPEC95, int SPEC95, fp
742i/50 1.53 2.46


Height Width Depth Weight Power
40mm 233mm 160mm 0.9kg 35W @ 5V DC


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