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HP 9000/743i and 744 VME Workstation

Quick Facts
Introduced 1994 and 1997
Period Maturity (III)
CPU 1 PA-7100LC/
1 PA-7300LC
64-165 MHz
Caches 128-256 KB L1
0-512 KB L2
RAM 256 MB (743i)
1 GB (744)
Design LASI
Drives none
Expansion (2 GSC-M)/
Bandwidth ?
I/O micro 10E
micro serial
micro parallel
micro VGA
2 PS/2
micro audio


The HP 9000 743i and 744 PA-RISC workstations are VME single-board computers (SBCs) for use in VME mainframes, based on HP 9000/715 (743i) and HP Visualize B132L/B160L workstations (744). The SPU system processing unit is integrated with memory and several I/O controllers onto a single-height 2U VME board.

The 743i and 744 SBCs had a few on-board expansion options with GSC-mezzanine (GSC-M) and PCI-mezzanine (PMC) cards. Installed into a VME cage that provides power and VME bus connection, the SBCs could talk to and control other VME cards on the same VME bus.

VME workstations

The 743i boards are used in the HP 9000 748i industrial workstations, the 744 boards in the HP 9000 745 and 748 industrial workstations.


The 743i and 744 VME computers were used by the US Navy through the TAC program (Tactical Advanced Computer), in which HP was contracted to supply several PA-RISC computers. They were used in several tactical display and control applications, including the AN/UYQ-70 workstation aboard surface as well as submarine vessels and surveillance aircraft. Utilizing third-party VME devices and integration, especially for graphics, the 743i/744 were used with FDDI networking in these roles.

HP-RT workstations

The HP 743rt and 744rt version of these VME computers were designed for the HP-RT realtime operating system.

Agilent VXI

The HP/Agilent V743/64 (E1497A) and V743/100 (E1498A) VXI embedded computers are apparently very close to the 743i VME single board computers. The V743 was a 1-Slot, C-size, message-based computer with direct VXI access that ran HP-UX and supported C-SCPI and Agilent VEE.




System buses


Expansion slots

Some pins of the P2-VME connector are used to route GSC bus traffic to expansion options, VME cages need to be properly jumpered to support this to not interfere with these transfers. The 743/744 boards must not be used in VXI cages since some of the VXI pins carry voltage which would result in damaged devices on the GSC bus.

External I/O


  1. These micro-connectors need HP conversion cables to provide the normal-sized versions of their respective connectors

Operating systems


Model SPEC95, int SPEC95, fp
743i/64 2.52 3.31
743i/100 3.76 4.03
744/123L 6.45 6.70
744/165L 7.90 7.64


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