PA-RISC information - since 1999

HP 9000/745 VME Workstations

Quick Facts
Introduced 1998
Period Maturity (III)
Series 740 VME
CPU 1 PA-7300LC
132-165 MHz
Caches 128 KB L1
0-512 KB L2
Design LASI
Drives 5 SCSI
Expansion (2 GSC-M)/
(2/4 PMC PCI)
Bandwidth ?
I/O micro 10E
micro serial
micro parallel
micro VGA
2 PS/2
micro audio

The HP 9000 745 PA-RISC VME industrial computers were released by HP in 1998 and integrated HP 9000 744 VME boards with PA-7300LC 32-bit PA-RISC CPUs into a heavy VME case with integrated I/O facilities. They were rugged and rack- mountable, with built-in HP-IB, four EISA slots, excellent flexibility, completely compatible with all HP 9000 Series 700 controllers and workstations.

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The 745 had a case with room for up to four SCSI devices, a four-slot EISA or PCI cage and PCI-mezzanine expansion cards, via special so-called PMC bridges, that both are quite rare these days.

They were designed for durability and reliability in harsh environments, and targets customers using compute-intensive applications in the military, and in test and measurement, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Model Introduced Price
745/132L 1998 $9,999
745/165L 1998

Released at the tail-end of PA-RISC, after HP had committed to the EPIC Itanium architecture and planned to phase out PA-RISC in the 2000s, market enthusiasm for PA-based VME boards seemed limited. The 165 MHz version appears in technical documents but otherwise few public mentions exist. HP 74x VME products were discontinued in 2002 as customers have migrated to new solutions and platforms more rapidly than anticipated with end of support between 2003 and 2007.

System architecture


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache L2 Cache
745/132L PA-7300LC 132 MHz 128 KB on-chip
745/165L PA-7300LC 165 MHz 128 KB on-chip 512 KB off-chip


System buses


Expansion slots


External ports


  1. These micro-connectors need HP conversion cables to provide the normal-sized versions of their respective connectors


Operating systems


Model SPEC95, int SPEC95, fp
745/132L 6.45 6.70
745/165L 7.90 7.64


Height Width Depth Weight Power
177mm 425mm 412mm 29kg 400W


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