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HP 9000/E-Class

Quick Facts
Introduced 1994-1995
Period Maturity (III)
Series 800 Series
CPU 1 PA-7100LC
48-96 MHz
Caches 64 KB-1 MB L1
RAM 512 MB
Design LASI
Drives 5 SCSI
Expansion 2 HP-PB
Bandwidth System 128 MB/s
I/O 32 MB/s
I/O 10E

The E-Class are PA-RISC servers from the HP 9000 800 series sold in the mid-1990s as replacements for older F and G-Class Nova servers. Designed by HP‘s technical server division for reduced manufacturing cost, they were closely aligned with the workstation HP 9000/712 even though still on a distinct 800 series system architecture for servers.

HP 9000 E-Class servers and 712 workstations were complementary products – the E-Class as central database compute servers with the closely aligned 712 as client workstations.

The E-Class case was taken over almost unchanged from the earlier F-Class servers, with the CPU, memory and many I/O systems being new designs. Only networking and some other functions were used on the integrated LASI chipset — due to time constraints a modified version of the F-Class HP-PB Personality boards was used for SCSI, serial MUX and parallel.

System Model number Introduced Price
E25 HP 9000/806 1994 $6,000
E35 HP 9000/816 1994
E45 HP 9000/826 1994 $11,320
E55 HP 9000/856 1995?

HP 9000 E-Class were positioned by HP in the 1994 Unix server market against IBM RS/6000 POWER-based 220, 230 and 250 and the Sun SPARCclassic and SPARCstation 10.

System architecture


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache
E25 PA-7100LC 48 MHz 1 KB on-chip and 64 KB off-chip
E35 PA-7100LC 64 MHz 1 KB on-chip and 256 KB off-chip
E45 PA-7100LC 80 MHz 1 KB on-chip and 256 KB off-chip
E55 PA-7100LC 96 MHz 1 KB on-chip and 1024 KB off-chip


System buses


Expansion slots


External ports

Operating systems

As the E-Class used a proprietary (800 series) system design like the older F and G-Class Nova servers and few architecture documentation or specifications were released publically by HP, there has never been much support in alternative operating systems.


Model SPEC92, int SPEC92, fp
E25 45.0 66.7
E35 65.6 98.5
E45 82.1 122.9
E55 108.0 163.4



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