PA-RISC information - since 1999

HP 16600/700 Agilent Logic Analyzers

Quick Facts
Introduced 1998-2000
Period Maturity (III)
Series Scientific
150 MHz
Caches 64 KB
Memory 160-256 MB
Design LASI
Drives 1 SCSI
1 FD
(1 CD)
Expansion 1-2 Emulation
1-5 Measurement
0-204 Probes
Expansion frame
Bandwidth ?
I/O 10E or 100E
I/O and control

The HP 16600A and 16700A are logic analyzers with PA-RISC processors sold by HP and Agilent, based on PA-RISC HP 9000 workstation architecture from the mid-1990s. These were the successors to the Agilent 16500 series analyzers and used in engineering and science for measurements, logic analysis, prototyping and verification. All variants are based on the same 16700A or 16700B main logic board built into different chassis’ with the system architecture probably related to the B132L/B160L workstations with some custom I/O hardware and buses.

Model Introduced Price
16600A 1998 $10,040-$25,740
16700A 1998 $9,990
16700B 2000
16702A 1999 $11,500
16702B 2000 $11,990

In electronics and microprocessor design, these systems were able to analyze various buses (AGP, ISA, CAN, PCI, HP-PB, SCSI, USB, DIMM memory and many others) and emulate microprocessor families (ARM, IBM PowerPC, Pentium, Motorola PowerPC and MPC, CPU32, M-core, Toshiba, MIPS, Intel 960, Motorola 68000 and 88000 and many others).

Another Agilent PA-RISC product, the HP 16505A Prototype Analyzer was a standard HP 9000 712 workstation that connected to an Agilent 16500A series logic analyzer via special hardware and software. Around 2004, Agilent moved away from PA-RISC and HP-UX to Windows-based logic analyzers.

System architecture

The 16600 and 16700 series are designed around a system design with individual boards:


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache
16600A PA-7300LC 150 MHz 64 KB on-chip
16700A PA-7300LC 150 MHz 64 KB on-chip
16700B PA-7300LC 150 MHz 64 KB on-chip
167020A PA-7300LC 150 MHz 64 KB on-chip
16702B PA-7300LC 150 MHz 64 KB on-chip




System buses


Expansion slots


External ports

Operating systems


The 16600 and 16700 series could be ordered with factory options.

HP Agilent 16600 and 16700 factory options
Option 16600A 16700A/16702A 16700B/16702b
001 17″ 1280x1024 monitor 17″ 1280x1024 monitor 17″ 1280x1024 monitor
003 160 MB system RAM, 4 MB video RAM 160 MB system RAM, 4 MB video RAM 256 MB system RAM, 4 MB video RAM
004 External CD-ROM drive External CD-ROM drive
008 18 GB external SCSI drive 18 GB external SCSI drive
009 External removable hard drive
010 Two 17-channel probe leads
012 Multiframe module


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