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HP 9000/A180

Quick Facts
Introduced 1998
Period Maturity (III)
Series Lettered
CPU 1 PA-7300LC
180 MHz
Cache 128 KB L1
1 MB L2 (A180C)
Design LASI
Drives 2 SCSI
Expansion 2 GSC/PCI
Bandwidth I/O 144 MB/s
I/O 100E

The HP 9000 A-Class A180 and A180C were some of the last 32-bit PA-RISC HP 9000 800 servers released by HP at the end of the 1990s in a small and rack-mountable case, often used for Internet servers.

HP 9000 A180
© Hewlett Packard 1999

Marketed by HP fittingly as Enterprise Internet Servers they were geared towards deployment in rack-space in datacenters, and thus have no video output, only serial console and a web console.

A-Class PA-RISC system design was pretty pared down and streamlined with a simple 32-bit PA-RISC design similar to the HP Visualize B180L workstations minus graphics and some I/O devices.

Model Product Introduced Price
A180 A5182A 1998
A180C A5183A 1998 $16,000

The A180 servers were followed in 2000 by the newer 64-bit A400 and A500 servers, sharing their cases and external appearance but with more modern system design.

System architecture


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache L2 Cache
A180 PA-7300LC 180 MHz 64/64 KB on-chip
A180C PA-7300LC 180 MHz 64/64 KB on-chip 1 MB off-chip optional

The additional 1 MB L2 cache is the only difference between both systems. It was upgradeable through two DIMM slots near the CPU.


» View a system-level ASCII-illustration of the chipset.

System buses


Expansion slots


External ports

Operating systems


Model SPEC95, int SPEC95, fp
A180 ? ?
A180C 9.22 8.60



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