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HP Apollo Domain 10000

Quick Facts
Introduced 1988
Period Prelude (I)
18 MHz
Caches 192 KB L1
RAM 128 MB
Design Apollo
Drives up to four
Expansion 8 X-bus
Bandwidth 160 MB
I/O depends

The Apollo Domain 10000 from Apollo Computer were marketed as personal supercomputer geared for complex workstation applications like electronic design automation (EDA) and mechanical computer-aided design and engineering (MCAD/MCAE). The Domain 10000 were designed and sold by Apollo Computer, a technical computing market leader in the 1980s, based on their own PRISM RISC architecture, before HP bought Apollo and integrated it into the HP 9000 lineup.

Apollo Computer was bought by HP at the end of the 1980s, taking over their product lineup with a plan on integrating technical computers (HP 9000 and Apollo) and software ecosystem. The Apollo workstation series was carried on for a few years under HP/Apollo branding; HP integrated Apollo as their workstation business unit with Apollo co-branding on the HP 9000 RISC workstations for a while but Apollo products and technology were phased out soon after and HP concentrated on its own PA-RISC computers and architecture.

System Model number Introduced Prices
DN10000 Workstation version 1988 $79,900-$235,900
DSP10000 Server version 1988 $69,900-$225,900
10010 1 Processor 1988 $69,900-$175,900
10020 2 Processors 1988 $89,900-$195,900
10030 3 Processors 1988 $109,900-$215,900
10040 4 Processors 1988 $129,900-$235,900

Even though the DN10000 and PRISM were soon phased out in HP’s product lineup post-deal, HP was still officially communicating an upgraded PRISM processor and Apollo hardware in 1989. HP envisaged double the computing power (from 22 to 44 MIPS), increased caches to 512/512 KB, increased memory to 512 MB using 4 Mb DRAMs and up to 18 GB of SCSI storage and called this the DN10000TX upgrade in 1991 – which apparently never shipped.

System architecture


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache
Domain 10000 1-4 PRISM 18 MHz 128/64 KB on-chip


The Domain 10000 is based on the Apollo PRISM architecture, centered around a system backplane with central and expension slots. Processors, memory and high-performance graphics are attached to the central X-bus. A central service processor (MC68020) also attaches to the X-bus and controls the VME and ISA I/O buses for devices and peripherals.

System buses


Expansion slots


External ports

Operating systems

The only operating system for the Apollo DN10000 servers was Domain/OS, Apollo's own operating system from the 1980s, originally called AEGIS and later rebranded. DN10000s used a special version of it, and were only supported by release SR10 which allowed users a selection of environments to run on top of Domain OS – AEGIS and Unix (BSD or System V). There were no other operating systems available to speak of.


19 15-30

Performance of a single-CPU DN10000 was roughly equivalent to a DECstation 5000/200 and slightly better than a Sun SPARCstation 1+.


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