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SAIC Galaxy 1100

Quick Facts
Introduced 1994
Period Maturity (III)
Series Portable
CPU 1 PA-7100LC
60/80 MHz
Caches 64/256 KB L1
RAM 128 MB
Design LASI
Drives 1 SCSI
1 FD
Expansion 2 PCMCIA
(1 GIO
Bandwidth Cache 480 MB/s
System 128 MB/s
I/O 10E
2 PS/2

The SAIC Galaxy 1100 were portable PA-RISC workstations based on the HP 9000/712 workstation in a ruggedized case released in 1994. They are not notebooks in the current sense but portable workstations — no battery but standard AC power.


The Galaxy 1100 portables are very rare, originally built in the 90s for military and intelligence applications. Since the Galaxy 1100 are technically normal PA-RISC workstations they support standard PA-RISC operating systems and software. The Galaxy 1000 were the 60 MHz version, the Galaxy 1100 was 80 MHz.

HP was part of the US Navy TAC-4 program in the 1990s through which HP supplied PA-RISC workstations to the US Navy for measurement and control. For environments where standard workstations were not robust enough, HP contracted SAIC to produce a ruggedized MIL-SPEC portable workstation for the Navy: the SAIC Galaxy 1100 based on HP 9000 712.

SAIC developed several specialized I/O devices for the Galaxy that attached to GIO/TSIO expansion slots. Industry-standard PCMCIA slots were available as well through a SAIC-specific extension board. As these systems were produced under a military contract and sometimes used in classified environment only few became available to civilian world. Only two other portable PA-RISC computers were sold – the RDI PrecisionBook, based on HP Visualize C132L, and the Japanese Hitachi 3050RX/100C; the SAIC Galaxy was not directly sold outside of military contracts and only later became available publically through resellers.

A long article on SAIC Galaxy 1100 and their VUE environment by Cameron Kaiser from 2023 expands on the background and historic usage of Galaxy.

System architecture


Model CPU Speed L1 Cache
Galaxy 1000 PA-7100LC 60 MHz 1 KB on-chip and 64 KB off-chip
Galaxy 1100 PA-7100LC 80 MHz 1 KB on-chip and 256 KB off-chip



Human Input

System buses


Expansion slots


External ports

Operating systems


Model SPEC92, int SPEC92, fp SPEC95, int SPEC95, fp
Galaxy 1100 80 MHz 99 122 3.12 3.55


Height Width Depth Weight
114mm 412mm 311mm 8kg


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